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We are all one in our Lord, Christ.

The Prayer and Praise of London Full Finchley Gospel Church

A Church full of genuine worship, the Lord’s Church,

A Church brimming with prayers of faith, A Church that gives the highest praise

A Church where God’s message is alive, A Church in which the worshippers’ love overflows


Where service and sacrifice becomes happiness, Where we bear much fruit

Where we share the heart of God and love our neighbours

Where we share the Gospel for the glory of God


A Church in which the flame of love is ignited, A Church that falls in love everyday

To the God that loves our Church, let our Church be this Churc

Sunday School (Year 1~6)

The Children’s Group encompasses children from ages 6 to 11 (Year 1 to 6) and cares for them in the love of Christ, aiming to educate these children in order to raise them as people who will influence the world.

 -  Sunday School: Every Sun 2:00PM, Art Gallery

Youth (Year 7~13)

This group consists of second generation immigrants from Years 7 to 13, directing them to see the world in accordance to Biblical values, raising them up to have the dreams of God, and teaching them to serve their community to share God’s blessing

 -  Sunday School: Every Sun 2:00PM, Art GalleryZ


The Adult Group is a community consisting of people who understand how to serve and respect each other, using their spiritual gifts to help build the Church of God

Young Adults (College / Uni Students)

The youth is a community of faith that aims to experience God through the Gospel of Christ, overcoming the temptation of worldly desires. Each member of the Youth Group confesses themselves as a disciple of Jesus Christ, following his footsteps to prioritise prayer and evangelism, the life of a worshipper, and service to the communit

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